• Bolilanga Resort - Togian Islands
  • Bolilanga Resort - Togian Islands
  • Bolilanga Resort - Togian Islands
  • Bolilanga Resort - Togian Islands
  • Bolilanga Resort - Togian Islands
  • Bolilanga Resort
  • Bolilanga Resort - Togian Islands
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Bolilanga Resort Togian Islands
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Welcome to Our Site : My name is Alan and I run the island of Bolilanga on behalf of our family. Bolilanga is a special place where people come to escape the chaos of everyday life. It has an air of serenity that is found nowhere else in the Togeans. I believe this is, in part, due to the way ownership of the island came into our family.

Thirty years ago a friend of my father wanted to pay for his daughter's wedding. The family was really happy with the man she had met and wanted to make sure the celebrations would be perfect with no expense spared. This friend owned Bolilanga which, at the time, was simply an uninhabited, unused island. He offered it to my father to buy. Although Tarifs for the island was more than it was really worth, my father wanted to contribute to the celebration. It is also the custom of our people that we help one another.

He bought the island not knowing what he would do with it and the wedding was a resounding success with a party the bride and groom had dreamed of. There was also enough money left to provide them with a secure future.

About 10 years ago, tourists began to visit the island on day trips and expressed a desire to stay here as it provided a haven and the peaceful retreat they had been searching for. We built cottages and a restaurant but stayed true to the beauty of the island. This means that it has remained unspoilt and its beauty untouched.

I believe that the tranquil atmosphere of the island is due to the benevolent action of my father all those years ago in helping a friend. My father is, of course, too modest to say this himself. The happiness its purchase brought still exists today as people find the bliss they have been craving. Come and see for yourself - we would love to share our perfect hideaway with you.

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